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Call for ideas 

We are inviting members to present their ideas for Servas activities.

Servas started as a peace organisation where hosts invited guests to their home to learn about each other and to promote peace. Over time, we have been open to developing new ideas for activities and engagement, some of which have become mainstream. Some of these activities even have their own pages on our website (e.g., SYLE). We are referring to activities such as:

  1. Peace Schools: We conduct Servas Peace Schools in different regions, where our volunteers kindly lead workshops and activities with children.
  2. Youth Language Exchange: Extended stay for youth to learn a new language and culture.
  3. Extended Stays with Servas Hosts and Home Exchanges: Facilitating offers of longer-term accommodation and sustenance for Servas travellers by generous hosts.
  4. Other Educational Exchange: We already have exchange programs that foster learning and cultural exchange where members teach languages, photography, music and so on.
  5. Ecological Awareness: There are already several such programs around the world, such as in Brazil. These programs cultivate environmental consciousness among members, advocating for the protection of our planet and its natural resources. 

The source of these ideas have always been our members. Most of these ideas started in a small way when some members proposed them. With time some of the ideas gained acceptance and became mainstream with Servas members around the globe. As a peace organisation, the benefits to Servas from the community engagement fostered by these activities have been enormous. It has provided opportunities for members to coordinate and cooperate with other members (with the support of their Servas groups or other committees).  It has encouraged members to volunteer their time and effort to improve our organisation, by doing things that support our overall goal of peace and fellowship. 

Your involvement matters

Our aim is to use this space as a laboratory to germinate and curate more ideas. We hope you will tell us what you feel could be the next such idea or activity that is appropriate for Servas in this changing world!

Everybody’s involvement is crucial for success in identifying opportunities for our future! We hope that younger members, in particular, may find fulfillment in contributing meaningfully to such activities during their travels. Please participate and tell us how to take Servas forward.    

Take action: participate today

We invite all Servas groups, members and hosts, wherever you are, to join in this effort. If you have new ideas, or are already working on various projects that are in line with the Servas ethos and philosophy, please come forward and present your ideas by submitting a brief description in the attached form to let us and other Servas members know. Please read the information below and complete the Questionnaire.

In his book, Seeds of Servas, the founder of Servas, Bob Luitweiler, described how he envisioned Servas as an organisation that provides opportunities to work, study and travel in the pursuit of building peace. We feel that this idea led to the growth of the multivarious activities like sister city partnerships, hikes, youth exchange and many more activities that build kinship among members. Let us keep this tradition going.

Seeds of Servas by Bob Luitweiler

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