La paz y la comprensión
a través de los viajes y el alojamiento

SICOGA Virtual

SICOGA 2022 – The Virtual Experience 

NOTE: In-Person Registation to SICOGA 2022 is done via the link on the Invitation email.

Microsoft Teams will be used to deliver SICOGA 2022 virtually. To enable access to the SICOCA Teams, members will be given one of two types of access to the Servas International Microsoft 365 (SI M365) application: 

  • Voting Delegates - will be given an SI M365 account that they must be logged in with when participating in SICOGA 2022. It is essential to be using this account to be able to participate with voting at the event. 

  • Observers – will be encouraged to use a pre-existing Microsoft account. The email address associated with this account will be added to the SI M365 Teams granting Members full permissions to these Teams. Note: A pre-exiting Microsoft account is one that can sign into If one does not have such an account, in most of the world, one can easily be setup for free by going to and establishing the account with an existing or a new email address from Microsoft. If you need assistance with setting up a Microsoft account please email  


Using Microsoft Tools for SICOGA, You Can:

  • Attend SICOGA Events and Meetings: Each Item of the SICOGA Program will be in the Teams Calendar and can be clicked to attend virtually. 

  • Chat: You can use Teams to chat with text, audio or video with other individuals or groups of individuals. 

  • Motion Discussions: In the SIGA 2022 Motions Team, channels can be use to discuss the motions during and leading up to the event. 

  • Mobile Teams: Teams can be installed on any mobile and used in similar way to WhatsApp. We look to use this for communication at the conference.