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Vote à distance

Servas International uses Distant Votes to make decisions between General Assemblies.

Facts about Servas International Distant Vote
Distant Vote Regulations
Distant Vote Procedure & Schedule
Proceso de Voto de Distancia y Cronograma
Distant Vote Schedule
Calendario de Voto a Distancia

May 2019 Distant Vote

DV Schedule 2018-21 Announcement

November 2017 Distant Vote

DV Nov 2017 reminder recordatorio
DV Nov 2017 General Announcement  Anuncio General

DV Nov 2017_Voter Mailout #1
DV Nov 2017_Voter Mailout #1 ESP
Accessing DV Group

DV Nov 2017 Voter Mailout #2
DV Nov 2017 Voter Mailout #2 ESP
DV Voting Procedures 2017
DV Voting Procedures 2017 ESP

SI DV Nov 2017 Results / Resultados

November 2017 Motions

1. Motion: To approve the 2016-17 Audited Accounts / Aprobar las cuentas auditadas 2016-17


2016-17 Financial Statements


Balance Sheet, Income and Expenditure Statement, Schedules
Stamp Receivables
Budget to Actuals
Treasurer's report on 2016-17 financial statements
2016-17 Internal Audit Report
2016-17 External Audit Report

2. Motion: To approve the idea of contracting a paid Servas International (SI) Administrator, initially on a trial basis and funded from the SI reserve fund to a maximum of 15,000 CHF in the first year. The aim would be to provide both continuity and administrative support for SI Exco to manage the significant increase in workload in recent years.

SI Exco comments
Updated SI Administrator Draft Job Description
Information to support DV motion 2 Nov 17

May 2017 Distant Vote

0-DV May 2017  General Announcement  Anuncio General

1-DV May 2017 Voter Mailout #1

2-DV May 2017 Voter Mailout #1 ESP

3-DV May 2017 Voter Mailout #2 ESP

4-DV May 2017 Voter Mailout #2

5-DV Voting Procedures 2017 ESP

6-DV Voting Procedures 2017

7-Motions for Distant Vote May2017 ENG-ESP

8-DV May2017 QandA re Accounts

9-SERVAS DV May 2017 Voter Mailout 3 Voting Papers Sent

9 a-SERVAS  DV May 2017 Envío de correo 3  Adjuntos incluidos esta vez

10 a SI DV May 2017 Motions / Mociones

10 b SI DV May 2017 Results / Resultados

May 2017 Motions:

1. Motion: To approve the 2015-16 Audited Accounts / Aprobar las cuentas auditadas 2015-16

2015-16 Financial Statements

Page 1: Balance Sheet
Page 2: Income and Expenditure Statement
Page 3: Schedules 1-3
Page 4: Schedule 4
Page 5: Schedules 5-6
Page 6: Schedules 7-8
Page 7: Schedule 9
Page 8: Schedule 10
Page 9: Notes 1-4
Page 10: Notes 5-10
Page 11: Notes 11-14
Page 12: SOL Receivables
Page 13: Stamp Receivables
Page 14: Budget to Actuals
2015-16 Internal Audit Report
2015-16 External Audit Report


The May 2016 Distant Vote was cancelled, since there were no motions submitted.

November 2016 Distant Vote
SI DV Nov 2016 Reminder/Recordatorio
SI DV Nov 2016 General Announcement
Email Mailout #1 16 Aug 2016
Email Mailout #1 16 Aug 2016 Provisional
Mailout #1 Attachment ENG
Mailout #1 Attachment ESP
Email Mailout #2 31 Aug 2016
Website and Google Group
Distant Vote Procedure
Proceso de Voto de Distancia
SI DV Nov 2016 Motions / Mociones
SI DV Nov 2016 Results / Resultados


1. Motion: To approve the 2014 Financial Statements
2014 Financial Statements 
2014 Internal Audit Report
2014 External Audit Report

2. Motion: To approve the revised 2016-2018 SI Budget
Revised 2016-2018 budget
SI Treasurer's comments


Questions and answers

SI President's reply to budget question

3. Motion: To appoint (not elect) the SI Archivist
SI Exco comments

Google Group Servas-DV-Group is a Discussion Forum for this Distant Vote.

Grupo de Google Servas –DV-Group es un Foro de Discusión para el Voto a Distancia.