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SERVAS International Virtual Travel Initiative- a new way of traveling


Virtual travel!


Servas International Virtual Travel Initiative


In today's world, with so many ways to connect with others online, we do not have to get in a train or a plane to meet other Servas members. 


Inspired by limits to in-person travel brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Servas International launched its Virtual Travel Initiative. Members are encouraged to reach out and connect through Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or any other medium that works for them.


Servas is a community of thousands of friendly, curious and peace-loving members across the globe.


  • Check out the list of members. Pick a random point on the map. See who is out there. Send an email or a chat message. (You can find the different ways of contacting people on their online profile.) Tell the person a bit about yourself and see if they would be interested to meet online. Explain what prompted you to reach out to them in particular. A common interest? A friendly smile? You are curious about happenings in their part of the world? Do refer them to your online profile, and if they haven't heard of the Virtual Travel Initiative, refer them to this page!


A few guidelines:


·      Please do not send out mass emails. Do as you would if you were travelling in person. Make it personal.

·      If you are organizing a group meeting, for privacy reasons, please restrict it to Servas members. When sending out information about the meeting, please enter participants' email addresses in "bcc".

If you would like to post a general invitation to meet up with other members, there is a private Facebook group that you can join. For more information on how to be admitted to that, please email Deborah Parkes on


Whatever way you choose to travel, Servas welcomes you!



Photo caption: Bridging three continents: Servas members in Canada (far left), Portugal (far right) and Rwanda (centre) meet virtually.



Deborah Parkes