Frieden und Verständigung
durch Reisen und Hosting



For those of you who didn’t have a chance to visit the Servas International Conference and General Assembly (SICOGA) in October 2018 have a chance to get a good insight to the event though a video film and a podcast. Both productions contain a number of interviews and editorial comments

You find the film SICOGA 2018 – the documentary made by Loukas Kostantinis and his team  here:

Lauren Gordon is the National Secretary of Servas Australia, and she’s also the editor of the podcast “Letter of Introduction”. Episode 2 of the podcast has the title “Six Nights in Banghwa: Tales of the Seoul International Conference” where you as a listener get an insight to what happened during the SICOGA 2018. You can listen to the podcast “Letter of Introduction: Episode 2” on both iTunes and Spotify. The Spotify link: The iTunes link: On Servas Australia’s website you can listen to all episodes of the podcast Letter of Introduction. The website is here:

By Jonny Sågänger, SI President