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First Uganda Peace school
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Nampija Prossy
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WELCOME to the first Peace School in Uganda | August 25-30, 2024

About the village
Servas Uganda welcomes you to its first peace school which will take place in August 25-30,2024 in the village of Buyoga.
Buyoga is located 20 miles away from Masaka city. It is found in Kibinge subcounty Bukomansimbi District. The village is well known for coffee and matoke. The people of the village are mostly subsistence farmers and, in every home, there some domestic birds. The people of the village are welcoming, friendly and kind to others.
The language commonly spoken is Luganda and during peace school, a team of volunteers will be available to make translations in order to simply communication.

How to get to the village?
Upon your arrival at Entebbe International Airport, arrangements to connect volunteers with their hosts will be in place.
On the morning of 24th, a bus will leave Kampala city with all the volunteers to Buyoga village. This is normally a 3 to 4-hour drive but we will take our time as we will have to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way with some stop overs at legendary points.

Hosting and peace school information.
All volunteers will be staying in the village with families. Arrangements are in place for this.
Since peace school has the slogan of live with us share with us, that’s exactly what we will do. Hospitality and togetherness are key elements highly respected by the people in our community, therefore the concept of peace is not new to us. We harmoniously live with others. However, we need to strengthen the values of peace beyond our community. Many children have not yet got the chance to interact with people from various places across the world except in the literature they read. With peace school, we hope to bring closer different cultures to our village as a way of promoting peace, understanding and appreciating.

What will volunteers do?
• Meet locals and the children(7 -15 years)
• Share their skills with the children
• Play games with the children
• Learn about our culture through stories and real-life experience
• Share experiences with the children.
• Share about their culture and so much more….
We have not yet fully established the number of children who will participate because our community has many children and all children belong to the community and an event like peace school will bring more of them. The more volunteers the merrier it will be.

During peace school, we will use resources from the environment and if a volunteer is able to come along with the materials they will use, that will be a bonus.
We are looking at diversity from across the Servas member countries.

Briefly talk about Uganda.
Uganda is a beautiful East African country known for its diverse landscapes, wild life, diverse culture and warm hospitality.
Do I need a visa to enter Uganda?
Yes and No. this depends on the country you come from. In order to see if you are visa exempt click on this link
How do I get a visa to enter Uganda?
You can get the visa online easily and quickly through the website
Is August a good month to visit Uganda?
Yes. Uganda has two seasons. The dry and wet season. In August it experiences its dry season. The weather is relatively mild and drier making it favorable for outdoor activities. However, its important to note that the two seasons may be experienced during the same time.
Which currency is used in Uganda and how do I change the money?
The currency is Uganda shillings. You can use the bank or forex bureau to change money.

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