Peace and understanding
through travel and hosting

Servas Artists to present art on World Day of Peace


The idea is simple: "Like the wind, peace is visible only by its effects".

Created in 2007 by a singer and a painter, "Servas Artists" has since become a creative community of creators, in all artistic fields, such as film makers, photographers, videographers, authors, visual artists, sculptors, and dancers from many countries, all eager to create and exchange ideas about Servas values.

Today, "Servas Artists” offers its members the opportunity to act together and at a distance, from one art to another, from one culture to another, from one language to another, with a multimedia project entitled "Let's create peace together ".

Servas spirit of understanding, tolerance and peace will guide this initiative, which deserves to be encouraged, shown and disseminated.

The creations should be sent by the end of June at the latest, to be presented on the website by 21 September 2018, World Day of Peace.

Servas Artists creative and international currents allow the particularities of each artist, art and culture to sparkle. Let’s work together in the Servas spirit!

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