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Invitation for a Zoom Meeting | Teachers of the World | 21Feb 7pm (UTC)

Invitation for a zoom meeting with Teachers of the Earth 

Today, it is clear that teachers of the Earth need to come together more than ever. The common problems and opportunities in all classes of the world during this century and pandemia ask us to seek ways out and cooperation together.

This network aims to;
- Developp solidarity among teachers of the world,
- Exchange in/out of class experiences,
- Search for new ways of collaboration,
- Exchange coursebooks and other learning materials,
- Search ways for the students to become world citizens,
- Exchange and seek ways of teaching peace, differences, active citizenship and cultural diversity
- Exchange teaching methods and tecniques,
- Create platforms, ways (penpal, groups, etc.) to bring students and parents of the world together.


To achive the goals the network organises;

- Workshops, - Conferences, - Live class lessons,

- Classroom visits (virtual/real), Etc.

* Teachers with little foreign language knowledge are welcome to join.

* Translators will be available in all activities of Teachers of the Earth Network.

* Retired teachers and people who are seriously interested in education can join this network. Several platforms will be used such as Whatsapp, instagram, facebook, zoom, etc.

*Face to face events will be organised after the pandemia.

mail Write to me for the zoom meeting link.
Mehmet Ateş,

English Teacher/Coordinator | Servas Turkey